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Hello and welcome to Freedom in This Life! I’m glad that you are here!


Life is about balanceSome of us face challenges in our lives like health issues, disability, family issues, a lack of money to do what we would like or to meet our need, or children who need us to be at home. Working from home seems to be the best way to meet these needs or even just help make some of our dreams come true, but with so many money making scams out there, how do we know which opportunities are legitimate and which are not?

Many of us long to work for ourselves and to set our own schedule or to be able to work form anywhere our lives take us. I promise you, there are many ways to accomplish this and I would like to share with you the legitimate ways I have found to accomplish this.

You may have a business idea in mind already, or you may be open to learning something new, but cannot afford the start-up for a traditional business model, or the schooling or training for new skills. That is perfectly okay. After all, if we had the money to do that, we may not be looking to start something new. Either way, you certainly have an interest in some area of your life that you are passionate about, or have something in mind that you would love to learn more about.Freedom in This Life

What if I told you that you could take that interest or business idea, and make it into a lucrative business through blogging?

I can show you how! That is the main point of this website. I will share with you the legitimate ways to blog and earn from it. I will also share with you other ways to build different streams of income from the comforts of your home or vacation destination. I will also give you tips on how to spot scams right off as you get out there on your own and investigate different tools to use in you businesses.

I know that for most of us, working at home is mainly about the money, but I will also share with you the other benefits a venture like this can bring you, especially if what brings you to this includes any of the things I listed above. There are many perks and benefits to living the “laptop lifestyle!” I will share with you my story as well as the stories from others about what they have gained by embarking on this journey.

As you read the articles on this website, you will see how to get started, how to learn blogging, how to build your blog and how to brand yourself. The best part is that you do not need ANY technical knowledge, degrees, skills, certifications, or even any writing skills to get started, just an eagerness to learn!

I hope to get to know you in this journey. If you have any thought, question, or suggestions, you can leave them in the Comments sections at the end of each page or post. I promise to get back to you. If you would prefer to keep your responses private, please refer to my Contact Me page for ways to reach me privately. To learn more about me as a person, please refer to my About Me page.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you back again soon!



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